LINE4LINE’s work would not be possible without the assistance of our dedicated volunteers. If you would like to discover ways you could donate your time to assist us and our youth, then look no further. Please review our list of current volunteer positions and see which volunteer position appeals to you.

LINE4LINE’s Volunteer Positions:

Crafty Artist
Assist L4L with children’s arts & crafts projects! Do you have a creative idea for a new crafty (or artsy) project our Line4Line (L4L) youth will love? Feel free to submit your idea to us! Also, we welcome you to demonstrate or assist our youth with activities we have already created.

Safeguard Assistant
Hello there! Do you value books as much as we do? Become one of our fellow preservationists by helping us protect our books by assisting with covering them and ensuring they are properly shelved.

Book Embracer
Interesting title, right? Curious to know what it entails? We would love to have volunteers who would love to adopt-a-bookshelf and assist us by making sure all books are in order, as well as assist with logging our newest book arrivals.

“Say Hello!” (Greeter & Desk Help)
Do you enjoy interacting with others? Be one of the first individuals to greet our youth and guests and make them feel welcome. Also, you may conduct tours with staff members and assist with book check-ins and check-outs.

Book Club Facilitator
Love discovering the message and even the deeper meaning when you read a new book? We would love to have you lead one of our book clubs’ meetings for our youth and adults!  Feel free to assist with Story Time as well, by reading a book to our youngest bookworms!

Do all of these volunteer opportunities sound like fun to you? That’s because they are! Volunteer work can be fun and we take pride in ensuring our volunteers enjoy participating in our programs just as much as our youth do, while being productive! Where do you sign-up? We’re glad you asked! Please, fill out our initial volunteer assessment form. If you are interested in donating your time in another way, then please fill out the section included at the end of our form. Thank you! We hope to see you soon!



Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart. – Elizabeth Andrew”