Our Community includes the children, parents, siblings, grandparents, barbers, volunteers, mentors who are impacted by LINE4LINE.

The literacy rate for the children of Baton Rouge, Louisiana is one of the lowest in the nation. In combination with poverty and mass incarceration this is the perfect cocktail for a challenging environment the  faces our cites youth.

LINE4LINE is at the front line of addressing literacy, which is one of the biggest obstacles to opportunity for the children of Baton Rouge.

85 percent of Louisiana fourth-graders from low-income families and 77 percent of all Louisiana fourth-graders are not reading at grade level. While improvements have been made in the past decade, reading proficiency levels remain low. Given the critical nature of reading to children’s individual achievement and the nation’s future economic success.

Far too many children of color, living in Louisiana means facing more challenges than children in other states, from being born at low birthweight to living in high-poverty neighborhoods.