The Barbers

O’Neil’s Barber and Beauty SHOP

It takes a crew of talented barbers with hearts of gold and a few tattoos to come to work on their day off, give a perfect haircut, and help kids read. These men are the LINE4LINE team encouraging readers, asking questions, listening, helping, and offering advice. We salute the men of LINE4LINE.


O'Neil Curtis

Program founder

When O’Neil Curtis began cutting hair at age 12 his dream was to become a professional barber. Today O’Neil’s Barbershop & Beauty Salon is a successful business located in the heart of Baton Rouge.

In 3rd grade something remarkable happened that changed the course of his life. His teacher, Ms. Jarrod from Merrydale Elementary School saw his spark and made a choice to focus it. Over the year she became his mentor and helped him to blossom.

LINE4LINE is just one of the many ways O’Neil honors his mentor’s simple kindness, as he knows first hand how one person does indeed have the power to change a life.

O’Neil believes in giving back and inspiring others¬† to be their best. His professional and personal life is rooted in faith, family, hard work and helpfulness.¬† O’Neil hopes LINE4LINE inspires others to give more of themselves to their community.

Todd Edwards

Todd Edwards has been volunteering with LINE4LINE for over two years. As the youngest of the barber team, Todd enjoys being a role model for young boys. Married with three beautiful children, Todd takes his role as mentor seriously, often taking a quick break from cutting to lean down and read over kids’ shoulders. His favorite books are the Fly Guy series.

Lloyd Oliver

Lloyd Oliver has been with the LINE4LINE program since day one. A steady and constant presence; he is also a dedicated father and husband. Lloyd sees LINE4LINE as a opportunity that was never possible to him when he was a kid and enjoys making a difference.

Jimi Jump

Keith Davis, AKA Jimi Jump started with LINE4LINE two years ago. A childhood friend of O’Neil, who has lived in California and Texas before returning to Baton Rouge and joining the team. Keith has been dedicated to the program. He enjoys seeing kids consistently get better and better with their reading skills and is known to take a book or two home from the LINE4LINE library to read in his spare time.