Clip Tips are a series of video shorts created by creative visionary Clay Achee, as a project funded by the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge. The project was created to creatively address kid-centered concerns using humor and relatable mentors. Each clip provides tips to strengthen social emotional resiliency and well-being while digging into topics from Anger,  Fairness, School Success, Healthy Choices, and Mental Health Stigmas. Each tip follows the same format – with Xavier a puppet being dropped off at O’Neil’s Barbershop by his uncle Action Jackson for a haircut. While at the barbershop Xavier shares his frustrations with barbers and peers who talk with him providing advice  and strategies on how to approach each issue.

Clip Tips was inspired by the creative vision of Sesame Street which celebrates its 50th year in 2019. This program was groundbreaking at its time for using puppets within an urban landscape and regular relatable people to tackle issues that children face.  Each month a new Video Tip will be released, along with a billboard featuring the barbers, Xavier and Line4Line’s tag-line “Building Readers”.

Line4Line supports building strong readers, creative thinkers and doers, with the goal of established programs that make a more resilient community. Clip Tips was launched to support our belief that change best happens when people put aside their fears and look at issues from a whole new angle. Line4Line believes that regular people are the best mentors and that everyone has a story to share that can help others navigate life. Our goal is to support our youth from within and to change the narrative around future success and potential for  our city’s Black males. 

The Clip Tip Project was dreamed up by Museum Educator and Line4Line co-founder Lucy Perera to put a twist on how we face social, mental, academic and health resiliency. Working with puppeteer, film guru, musician and self proclaimed rabble rouser Clay Achee from Ziggy and the Junkyard Band and Beyond the Garage, Perera and  Line4Line founder O’Neil Curtis devised a plan to create an education series geared to kids that breaks down tough topics using humor while using safe community-based barbershop as the  environment. In the early summer of 2019 the team finalize topics they wanted to cover, and then Achee began work on writing scripts and casting his crew of creatives and techs. Achee also designed and sewed the puppet Xavier. In the fall of 2019 over a series of two days, the group came together to film the 5 shorts. Using O’Neil’s Barbershop and a local community park as locations, the videos feature barbers/mentors O’Neil Curtis, Keith Davis (JimiJump), poet Xero Skidmore and Curtis’s daughter O’Nya. 

Click the links below to View the Videos

 “Dealing with Anger”

 “Winning & Losing”

 “What’s Your Super Power: ADHD”

 “Healthy Choices”

“Trying New Things”






This project has been made possible by a Project Assistance Grant from the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge, as well as the volunteer passion and in-kind support of community members, including the barbers at O’Neil’s Barbershop, April Buffington (photographer) and many, many others!




The Clip Tip project support’s Line4LIne’s grassroots philosophy of taking risks to creatively address issues faced by the youth and families in our community, nation and world.”